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Welcome to the BigSkyStearman Website! We have a great record, with more than 30 years experience providing the Stearman owner/operator with services to repair his wooden wings by using owner produced parts and FAA/PMA parts. We are a source for aircraft-quality Douglas Fir wing spars. Expert dual instruction and ferry services are available. Come check it out today!

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To sell an "aircraft part" to be installed on a Type Certificated aircraft, that part must be FAA PMA'd (have FAA parts manufacturing approval), FAR 65.303A. Obviously this is impossible on most older aircraft because it is a big deal to obtain PMA. The alternative is to allow the owner/operator to produce this part and then install it on his Type Certificated aircraft. The owner may contract to have that part produced but he must be actively involved in the production of that part by providing input or assistance to the producer of the part. He could provide drawings or the original part. He could participate directly in the production of the part by personally supervising the manufactering of the part or provide quality control. The data used would have to be "approved data." Big Sky Stearman assists owners/operators of antique aircraft in the production of their owner produced part. The owner/operator would make a log book entry that identifies the owner produced part [FAR 21.9(a)(5)], specifying his participation in the manufacturing of the part, and make a declaration that the part is airworthy. This policy is defined in FAA AGC-200 policy memorandum on the definition of an "owner produced part" dated Aug. 5, 1993. Contact Big Sky Stearman for further information.

Big Sky does produce the following FAA/PMA approved wood parts.

Wing Ribs:

BS75-1105, Rib, Main Upper Wing (Standard)
BS75-1107, Rib, Upper Adj. to Strut (Wide Opening)
BS75-1205, Rib, Lower Main (Lower Long)
BS75-1206, Rib, Lower, Aileron Cut-Away (Standard)
BS75-1211, Rib, Lower, Adj. to Strut (Wide Opening)
BSE75N1-1215, Rib, Lower, Aileron Cut-Away (Truss)

Center Section Spars:

BS75-1303, Front Spar
BS75-1304, Rear Spar

Upper Wing Spars:

BS75-1103, Right Front Spar
BS75-1103, Left Front Spar
BS75-1104, Right Rear Spar
BS75-1104, Left Rear Spar

Lower Wing Spars:

BS75-1203, Right Front Spar
BS75-1203, Left Front Spar
BS75-1204, Right Rear Spar
BS75-1204, Left Rear Spar



Big Sky Stearman is now offering wood wing kits for Owner Produced Parts assistance for the following aircraft:

-Howard DGA15
-Stinson L5
-Beechcraft Staggerwing
-Cessna T50 / UC78

Howard DGA15

Howard wood kit

Stinson L5

L5 wood kit


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