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Welcome to the Big Sky Stearman Website! We have a great record, with more than 40 years experience providing the Stearman owner/operator with services to repair his wooden wings by using owner produced parts and FAA/PMA parts. We are a source for aircraft-quality Douglas Fir wing spars. Come check us out today!

Big Sky Stearman Pricing


Big Sky Stearman remains dedicated to providing the best quality wood work for the repair of Antique and Classic aircraft. We have obtained FAA/PMA on all spars and ribs.


Terms: 50% down, balance upon completion.

5% discount if we do the entire build (all 4 wings and the center section) ready for cover or covered.

Wood Wing Kits:
*5-unit: center section, 2 upper wings, 2 lower wings
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Lower wing kit, each: 

Upper wing kit, each:  $3,190.00

Center section kit: 


4-Aileron 5-Unit Wood Wing Kit:

FAA/PMA STC'd 4 Aileron Conversion Kit $7,490.00
Spruce Spars Available:  Price based on availability
Built Wing Panels Ready for Cover
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(Owner must supply wing hardware, certified by FAA 337)

Lower wing, each:  $8,690.00

Upper wing, each: 

Center section:  $6,790.00

Cover in PolyFiber through silver, each panel: 


Cover in PolyFiber through silver, each aileron: 


Finish paint: 

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Crating Charges: 

$400 - $1000 per crate
Completed FAA/PMA Stearman Spar:  $795 Douglas Fir ea.

Completed Piper/T-Craft/Aeronca Spar: 

$795 Douglas Fir ea.

Shop Rate: 

$75.00 / hour
* Certified by FAA 337

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